I take great pride in my Engineering and it's really rewarding when people post about equipment that carries my name. I have rounded up some feedback from social media and personal emails

"Fantastic customer service and support from Hambini!

After watching Hambini’s YouTube videos on replacing Zipp wheel bearings I was very confident I’d be able to replace my so bit the bullet and purchased his Hambini 6903 press tool. After very speedy turnaround in receiving the parts I set about the task in-hand and got work. The tooling of the part was great and fit perfectly, but unfortunately, I hit a snag right from the start. While trying to press the new bearing into the rear hub shell it was clear that something wasn’t right as it simply wouldn’t install, regardless of the force I applied. After scratching my head and trying a few different things I decided, as a last resort, to email Hambini to see if could suggest anything or point out what I was might be doing wrong. Having emailed him out of normal business hours I assumed it would be, at the very least, the next day before hearing form him, but I was pleasantly surprised to receive an instant response offering to help. We exchanged numbers and I shared some images illustrating the problem I was having, and he proceeded to call me directly to chat through things and ultimately helped me resolve the issue. Although it was as quickly apparent that the issue was not related to his tool Hambini was very patient and spent nearly an hour in total chatting with me and didn’t at any stage seem put out. It’s very rare to receive this level of customer service these days, so I felt compelled to share a few words to express my gratitude and thanks to Hambini for all his help – a true gentleman and very knowledgeable person. Thank you!"

- Paul, Glasgow UK

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