Michelle Arthurs-Brennan, a journalist at the magazine Cycling Weekly and her husband Maurice Brennan, a 37 year old IT consultant, both of Stafford Road, Caterham were found by savvy internet users to have driven their car in both an unroadworthy state and with no insurance across three European countries.

Maurice Graham Brennan, originally from Wrexham in Wales, uses the YouTube usernames “bungle2010“, “daf j” (he regularly denies it) and the avatar Maurice on the toyotaGT86 forum. Link here. According to companies house, his company, Alvit Consultancy, is registered at 253 Stafford Road, Caterham CR3 6NL. His Linkedin profile (before he blocked it) showed him as working for the cloudbooking.com website. Maurice, a graduate of the University of the West of England, Bristol, along with Michelle appear to be frequent users of the extremist website 4chan. He is about 1.75m tall of lanky build and has classic male pattern baldness and ginger hair.

Michelle Arthurs Brennan is a 31 year old cycling journalist, she has had previous experiences with flouting the law here. Commentators on the post linked have claimed that Michelle is infertile and her feminist extremism is a cover up for her infertility. She herself has described her amenorrhea (failure to menstruate) as a result of her excessive training. However gynecological experts have suggested Arthurs-Brennan has a body fat percentage that is too high and an underlying condition such as polycystic ovary syndrome exists. Some users that claim to know Michelle and Maurice have stated she has had multiple failed IVF treatments. She also claims to be an expert in bed and deems the exploits of ham fisted amateurs at massaging her clitoris to be equivalent to those of poor fitting bicycle saddles.

Michelle Arthurs-Brennan describing having her clitoris flicked
Maurice Brennan, Pictured on the left

In 2016, Maurice Brennan purchased this Toyota GT86, a photograph of the car is shown below. The front number plate on this vehicle was of legal size and spacing when the photograph was taken.

Maurice Brennan’s Toyota GT86 BF13 WVW

A screenshot showing the history of the vehicle shows it was purchased on 03 May 2016 based on the “Date of Last V5 Logbook issued”

Screenshot of the vehicle history

Driving 1000km+ without insurance

Shortly after purchasing this vehicle, Michelle and Maurice took a “road trip” around Europe with their bikes. They travelled in excess of 1000km and helpfully documented exactly where they went.

Toyota GT86 BF13 WVW with bikes attached

Here are some shots of the pair on their bikes

Maurice Brennan, in his Redhill Cycling Club Paraphernalia

On top of the Stelvio Pass

Maurice and Michelle drove this car through Germany, France and Italy with no insurance. Maurice willingly modified the vehicle by replacing his registration plate with a “fancy plate” (aka chavplates) which had blatantly illegal sizing (the text is over 50% smaller than it should be). In European countries, a modification such as this completely invalidates insurance as the vehicle is deemed unroadworthy (and would fail a UK MOT), it is a criminal offence.

You can see the proud chav idiot talking about how the “fancyplate” (aka chavplate) cleans up the front end of his car.

Maurice Brennan Alvit consultancy illegal number plates
Maurice Brennan admitting to driving around with illegal Number plates.

Eagled eyed viewers are probably rolling their heads wondering if these clowns have an ounce of intelligence between them. There is doing something illegal and then posting graphic pictures detailing it.

BF13 WVW Toyota GT86 parked near the Alps with Illegal Number plate
Glacier in the background, Illegal number plate on the front of the car
Brennan’s GT86 up on Jack’s at the rear of their Stafford Road, Caterham property

Morons obviously live in this household because the idiots sent the car for an MOT with the illegal front number plate and to no surprise it failed. Screenshot below. Link to the MOT history for this vehicle here

MOT failure in April 2017

Unsurprisingly, having reached into the trunk and replaced the number plate, the vehicle was deemed to pass. However, The Brennan’s continued to drive this vehicle with a known illegal front number plate for some time afterwards and in utter disbelief, the same vehicle went in for another MOT in April 2019 and failed again on the same front number plate. By judgement, it’s likely they had been driving for at least 4 years with compromised insurance.

MOT failure in April 2019

There is clearly a difference between a failure without knowledge and intentionally driving a vehicle that is known to be illegal. The Brennan’s CLEARLY new they were doing something illegal.

Driving a vehicle in an unroadworthy condition

This story continues because the blithering fools then did something that beggar’s belief. The Toyota GT86 was submitted for an MOT on 01 October 2020. The car failed on the following

  • Front brake hose was perforated and leaking hydraulic fluid
  • Exhaust Carbon monoxide was beyond acceptable limits
  • Buckled front wheel
  • No back seat
MOT history

The first fault in the list was so severe that the MOT tester labelled it as “Do not drive until repaired (dangerous defects)”. The Brennan’s elected to drive a further 18 miles (30km) before getting a car with faulty brakes fixed. This offence carries a £5000 fine and 3 penalty points. Irrespective of the financial penalties, the consequences of the vehicle being involved in a crash are not worth thinking about.

The Brennan’s could have been driving the vehicle in this unroadworthy condition for over 5000 miles (8000km).

It is of note, the Brennan’s continue to drive a vehicle with a buckled front wheel.

This type of behavior is totally unacceptable. The Brennan’s and their army of WOKE fans from twitter need to get away from the millennial addictions to social media and realize the consequences of their mindless, selfish actions.


Shortly after Maurice Brennan (daf j) was notified of this post by some commentators on Youtube, all of the social media and posts where this information was extracted from has been deleted along with Michelle Arthurs Brenann locking her Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin accounts.

Fortunately, full dumps will be available for law enforcement should they request it.


There have been a lot of question marks over Michelle’s claims that she is so fit and exercises so hard that her periods stopped. Her “extensive” research which many medical professionals have questioned was in her eyes superior to that of three General Practitioners with at least 27 years of combined experience.

The principle claims that many medics have questioned (see the comments section below) concern body fat percentage and Amenorrhea. Studies have stated a low body fat percentage contributes to Amenorrhea. That limit is accepted to be 10%. An indication of visual perceptions of body fat percentage is shown below from the popular website Athlean-X

women body fat percentage
Visual depiction of body fat percentage from Athlean X

Below is a picture of Michelle Arthurs Brennan who does not appear to be anywhere near 10% body fat.

Michelle Arthurs Brennan on the left

Some medics have suggested she has manipulated her article to garner more clicks and belittle GPs. Others have commented that she may have an underlying eating disorder or PCOS.


  1. anorexic Ethiopians are more fertile than slutty michelle. How’s my saddle, do you want to fettle? if you are going to give out criticism then take it LIKE A MAN. BITCH.

  2. She is the Fattest cat 1 cyclist I’ve seen in my life. Is she for real? 10% body fat, more like 25% Send her to Greg Doucette for natty or not.

  3. AMENORRHEA?!? Yes, it’s very possible Maurice suffers from it, but not Michelle. She clearly hasn’t missed a period or a meal since puberty. She loves to eat, especially eggs…even her own eggs…which perhaps explains why it’s been hard to procreate. Diarrhea maybe, gonorrhea possibly, but definitely not amenorrhea.

  4. I am a GP and I have been in the job for over 30 years. I do not believe for one iota that three competent GP’s would say to a woman in her twenties that had normal body weight, normal US and bloods that exercise was a reason for amenorrhea. This woman is carrying enough excess body fat for that diagnosis to be unlikely. I think she would have typical body type for PCOS if she did not exercise. She is either lying, her account of her visits to her doctor are ‘massaged’ or a differential diagnosis. Branding her knowledge that was no doubt conducted involving google as superior to GP’s is frankly laughable.

  5. Michelle has always wanted to be treated just like all of the men in the cycling industry, she is constantly thinking she is oppressed by being female. From the exchanges I have seen here and the videos which caused all of the controversy I have come to the conclusion that Michelle cherry picks the things she wants to cover and then goes on the defensive or offensive when it’s items that she does not like. Michelle’s technical knowledge has been questioned and she has no come back, it is sketchy and wavy in comparison to some of the other engineers out there. Peak Torque and Hambini, two youtube channels I watch would run rings around her and they don’t treat anyone any differently with gender bias. If the engineering is not up to scratch then the recipient gets a healthy ‘roasting’. When Michelle endures the same for getting an aerodynamic expert in, B XAvier disley who said riding in a velodrome was like riding outside, it is no wonder that questions are asked. Then banning an aerodynamacist with relevant qualifications because she perceives the ethnic shortening of his name is a pseudonym is clearly racist. Now Michelle has gone on to have her own health questioned. If I posted on the internet about my periods and could not deal with the nuclear fallout when they were talked about then I would not post. She has posted to all of cycling weekly’s circulation that she has trained to the point where her periods stopped. Now, she is the subject of ridicule because medical experts do not believe she is telling the truth or the full story. If you are in the job of criticism, like she is, then she needs to take it. I hope you read this Michelle, I posted on your webpage but you did not reply or make my comment visible.

  6. Horrible people. Who willingly drives a car with faulty brakes for 20 miles? Those defending this bitch and her husband need their heads examining

    1. Look at me I’m a girl. I don’t have periods because I train too hard, I have very high standards in the sack and my ginger balding boyfriend is the only one that satisfies me… Then a herd of doctors rip her ‘story’ to pieces.

  7. LOL 10% body fat. WTF She is more like 25%. Where did future employ this fruit loop from. Diversity hire gone mad.

  8. Retards. What right do they have to modify their chavmobile and drive around knowing it was unroadworthy at the expense of an innocent bystander. They think they are above the law. Surrey Police notified.

  9. I belong to a group of medical cyclists, we ride at weekends for fun. I am quite disturbed to read the initial story with reference the lack of insurance and driving a car with faulty brakes and unreadable registration. Surely the police should be involved and give these two a slap on the wrists, a fine and some points? I am also here to discuss the cycling weekly article linked as I too cannot write on there. This journalist’s use of medical language and terminology is not good to but it mildly. Red-S in the study that she highlighted is almost always caused by being underweight. This journalist does not appear to be underweight and if she has given three medical professionals an accurate history I seriously doubt they would have concluded it was Red-S. She is fundamentally too ‘fat’. That is not meant in a derogatory sense but there are signs we look for to determine body fat percentage. Tongs are the tool of choice but a visual is often enough to decide if someone has a percentage of less than 10%. In any case if she has had irregular periods for some time, it is likely her bone density will be diminished and she will have vaginal atrophy. In a cyclist this is amplified because the weight is alleviated unlike running. I am not sure I would be too happy about people discussing my fertility but she obviously feels comfortable with it.

  10. This woman rigs advertorials, films in a lockdown, can’t park, can’t have a baby and drives around with no insurance. 100% CHAV

  11. Hambini, the rear lights on that car are obscured, that would be a pull over and 6 points. You need a repeater set. Mindless chavs

  12. This page and the associated page by the journalist are a topic of discussion on the GP Family Physician facebook group. I cannot comment on the cycling weekly page but I will comment on here as this was the original link posted by a keen female cyclist. The healthcare system in the UK is completely free save for prescriptions that are a trivial cost in comparison to other countries. This journalist has abused the healthcare system and undermined GP’s as a profession in this post https://www.cyclingweekly.com/news/latest-news/cyclings-hidden-fuelling-epidemic-446422 This woman has written

    ‘My GP was equally dismissive: “Not having periods is quite normal in exercising women,” she told me, wrongly. “It’ll all even out when you stop training.” I went back three times during my 20s’.

    Who is she to say her GP was wrong? This statement alone is false. If she did stop exercising it’s likely her periods would return and reading further they did. The cost to the taxpayer of her three trips to the GP, ultrasounds and bloodwork would be in excess of £2k and the opportunity cost of treatment of someone else who needed the help

    The concept of Red S is in rubbished amongst medical professionals. It’s borderline anorexia and almost certainly an eating disorder with a sexy name that fitness people can cuddle around. This journalist is not medically trained and has a vested interest in her own self fulfilling values and presents it like she is doing the cycling community a great service with her own research.

    Her article says that based on analysis, up to 30% of female riders in her survey were in ‘sub optimal’ health, that doesn’t mean all 30% of them have no periods. Massaging numbers to drive magazine sales is one thing but doing it at the expense of the NHS is something else.

    If this woman arrived at my surgery, presenting with the documented history, there is no way I would say this was exercise related Amenorrhea. I concur with the others, something else going wrong or more likely she is massaging the truth for more clicks.

    1. I came here via that link as well and agree with you. Does not make you feel great when a journalist is telling you how to do your job for you.

      1. The highest I have ever seen is a body fat percentage of 8% and she was anorexic, E2 was all over the place. Above that and irregular menstruation was ultimately found to be something else. ‘underfueling’ or whatever these journos want to call it is a PC way of describing an eating disorder.

    2. Why would you post to your magazine readers that you train so hard you don’t have periods? She must know that some of them will be medical professionals. Crazy

    3. ref the cycling weekly link. This woman has no idea what she is writing about A Woman in her twenties, presents with amenorrhea, healthy BMI/BFP, normal e2, normal u/s and 3 GPs didn’t tell her about suspected PCOS? who is she trying to kid? I accept motherhood may not be possible for everybody but at least make your story believable.

  13. I wonder if she will keep her job once her employers see this. Not a good example to set as a motoring journalist. Also, is it not illegal to carry bikes on a car in such a way that it obscures the lights?

  14. Search for daf J on youtube. the account was set up to troll hambini, his brother and his sister. Not surprised hambini has done this.

  15. Based on the content of this website and the associated YouTube channel I can conclude that there is a 1000% probability that Hambini has never given a woman an orgasm.

  16. The twatterati are complaining about this. In my eyes, Hambini has done nothing wrong. If you are going to shop him to the police, then call him all sorts of names with your anon id, then expect the repercussions. Everything he has written is backed up and at least he doesn’t pull the Mabs trick of getting their other half to comment on their vids to boost the ratings. BUNGLE2010 please…. I know why he was getting defensive now. C*nt

    Lame and insecure.

  17. Okay, you inform your 256K cycling weekly readership that you don’t have periods as if it is an off the cuff statement and normal. Then drive around a continent with no insurance, no tail lights and no brakes and then complain when you get the exposure you warranted. You then call an autistic 5 YO pajeet, hamjeet, curry sniffer etc with ‘anonymous’ usernames over a period of 8 months+ and then cry when it comes back in your face. Get over it MABS, you don’t deserve motherhood.

  18. The insurance and driving with a faulty set of brakes have no excuses. These two individuals need to grow up.

    I have 25 years in obs and gyne. This woman’s posts which have been linked to and the study for her publication cycling weekly are greatly overexaggerated and paint a poor picture of the underlying problem, the prevalence of irregular menstruation in the general population is 30%, claiming cyclists suffer the same or slightly higher percentage and linking them is foolish. The clinical cut off for Amenorrhea due to diminished body fat percentage is accepted as 10% and in some cohorts 12%. It is a symptom of anorexia. From photographs this woman has a body fat percentage that is in excess of that. This woman states her family doctor sent her for 3 sets of bloods and ultrasounds scans which were all stated to be unremarkable. This type of analysis would generally not show anything as her body fat percentage is too high and the likely causes of endometriosis and suppressed PCOS would not be visible on someone who is not menstruating normally or at all. I speculate a normal AMH reading was found or the progesterone/estradiol ratio was also normal. Taking all of these things into account and the analysis presented in this post, I would agree with the other comments of the others, This woman has underlying PCOS or less likely endometriosis that she is probably unaware of.

  19. Bravo Hambini! Karma is indeed a bitch, and you’re clearly her agent. Keep owning those douchebags!

  20. The white knights are complaining this is below the belt. She should not drive a car with no insurance, obscured tail lights to add to the list. let alone a car with dodgy brakes. if it was someone’s relative that she hit, they would not be so forgiving

    1. ^^^^THIS^^^^ WTF has Michelle done in her life, bullshitted her way through some d grade school and got a job as a journalist. She has the look at me Im a woman mentality. This is great investigative journalism. More of the same please Hambini. These fuckers need roasting.

  21. Let the wanker have it Hambini, I’ve watched you on the receiving end of this. Journo’s are full of themselves and love it when they stir shit about other people. Now she’s had her facts twisted upon her, fully evidenced work of driving with no insurance and driving a car that is a wreck. If you are going to tell the entire world you are infertile like she has done, don’t make up a stuipd excuse like you train too hard. and don’t cry when others talk about it. She wanted the attention, now she’s got it. No way she trains too hard, she has fat calf syndrome

    1. I would also add that when girls are heavily over trained and extremely lean, not only do they lose their period, but they often experience marked hair loss.

  22. Note to all: if you act like a wanker and make noise about Hambini, you better get your shlt straight. He gonna find you. New Orleans is full of these double standard bearers. They bitch nonstop about other people’s words while they pollute the roadways with their smokey cars and bullshlt claims of “cross is coming” and “gravel is here to stay,” because none of them even try to keep up with the fast road group. Yet, none of them being physically able to finish in the top 30 of the bottom-most category of either dirt discipline makes their gnashing of the teeth even more comical. These were the first people to boycott a race here when the promoter had to discipline a rider who lost his temper at a race. They threw every catchall label at the poor dude they could imagine. Give these beta-males hell, Hambini! Hold the mirror up to them real close.

    1. Flipping ech! Hambinis criticism is cringe worthy ouch! I feel like hiding behind the sofa!! But the fact is if your in the public eye you MUST have all corners covered if your dishing out opinions. I do sympathise a little bit if you live by the sword you die by the sword and they seem to have fallen onto the sword committing harakiri.

  23. How long have these chavs been driving with brakes leaking fluid? One emergency stop and a child could be killed. For someone who champions the cause of the cyclist, this is embarrassing at best. Now she has made her twitter and IG private, she’s obviously got something to hide.

  24. I completely agree with your assessment that these journalist give cycling a bad name. However felt the infertility points a bit off topic and below the belt.

    1. Absolutely. It comes across as sexist and harsh. No matter what else they do, poking fun at someones medical issues is incredibly harsh. You’ve enough ammo to go on, just let that one go.

  25. There is no way that she trains hard enough for a normal cycle to stop. Something else going on there, whether she admits it or not is another thing but you may as well be honest. On the subject of the car, it’s inexcusable. She rides a bike FFS, if she got hit by a car with no front plate, she would be all over twitter… moaning. Horrible woman.

  26. The petty is unreal. Entertaining, probably cathartic, and true to form. And to overtrain such that your cycle stops usually involves being emaciated, which she is not. Not my business to say anything about having kids, but if you’re gonna lie you can say least make it believable.

  27. Lol this is so funny, mabs has deleted all of her incriminating pages with her husbands pictures and locked her Twitter account. Pmsl

    Well done hambini. These idiots deserved the roasting

  28. Haha Maurice. You’ve been outed. Grow up and get a life you sad childless prick. Have you had the snip or do you have something wrong with you?

  29. Daf J, what a stupid name. He’s obvs a computer geek, he’s gone across the centre of his keyboard. take pity for him that he’s got ginger hair, balding, drive’s a hairdresser’s car, fucks that bimbo and can’t get her preggers. What a loser.

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