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  1. BB86 Bottom Brackets with a 30mm Crankset

    30mm cranks into BB86 bike frames - Avoid if you can...

    A common question I am often emailed about is asking if I can supply a bottom bracket that will allow a 30mm crank to be fitted into a BB86 bike frame. This post will talk through the many problems associated with this.

    BB86 uses a bottom bracket with a diameter of 41mm and a width of 86.5mm (Drawing shown below). In practice these are nominal dimensions and have a tolerance on them that makes them slightly smaller. BB86 is a Shimano standard and is used by lots of frame manufacturers (BMC, Canyon, Look etc). BB86 is effectively the pressfit version of an ISO threaded bottom bracket.

    BB86 Shimano OEM Shell

    The size of Shimano and it's market share allows them to dictate standards and as such to an external engineer looking in, it appears that Shimano designed BB86 to try and exclude (or make it very difficult) to run a 30mm crank.

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  2. Hambini Website Day to Day Running

    Hello Hambini Fans.

    A lot of you have emailed me asking why I have not been publishing videos of late, the main reason for this is despite my best intentions. My weekends have been swallowed up by having to machine orders, processing them, going to the post office etc. This is coupled with a day job through the week.

    Therefore in the coming months, the day to day running of the website will be transferred to some other members of my family.

    I will still be the individual on the end of the email but the packing, inventory, going to the post office etc will be handled by somebody else.



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