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Hambini custom made bike parts and tools, contact me for your requirements.

I make a number of bottom brackets and other parts for individuals who request them. They are usually manufactured because I don't carry them as an off the shelf item or their bottom bracket shell is out of specification. If you would like a quotation, please use the contact me button and I will be able to give you an accurate estimate.

Almost every aspect is customisable from the colour, bearings, bearing spacing and most importantly the dimensions. Most of the time, I can engineer a bottom bracket so it no longer creaks.

Examples of my custom work are shown below:

Cervelo BBright Power Meter

A UK viewer of my YouTube channel contacted me about poor bearing life on his existing bottom bracket (Cervelo BBright). A new bottom bracket was designed and manufactured. It was sent complete with NTN bearings and fitting tools. The bottom bracket required custom spacing to accommodate the 92mm long 30mm axle that he wished to use. The user installed it with a home made press.


He has since used the bottom bracket and been quite happy with it.

Trek BB90

A UK customer contacted me about creaking on his Trek Madone bike with a SRAM crankset. He had been referred by one of his cycling club friends who had seen me on YouTube.

This problem was technically challenging, the main reason was due to the technical aspects of the BB90 specification and the requirement to keep the costs at a reasonable level for the customer.

The easiest method to fix this issue, which was one primarily caused by a slack fit would be to increase the interference of either the bike frame or the bearings. Both of these methods are not cheap. Milling out the bike frame and installing a new tighter carbon shell is not for the feint of heart and also results in a slightly weaker bottom bracket which is essentially held in with epoxy. The other solution would be to increase the diameter of the bearings by coating (usually metal spraying), this is extremely expensive on a small scale, approximately £200/bearing. I had considered designing a custom bottom bracket but due to the limited space involved and the rider saying he was putting out close to 600W, suitable bearings would have been too small. Trek took the decision to use custom sized MR2437 (24x37x7) sized bearings on their Bottom Brackets, this makes it difficult to modify

After considering all of the high tech options, I suggested to the customer, that he consider using standard bearings with a delrin sleeve at the top end of the tolerance spectrum (this required manually measuring circa 50 bearings!). This had the advantages of standard components, lower cost and less risk. He agreed.

The customer was supplied with bearings, installation items and sleeves. He installed them and has been creak free since


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