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25/11/2020 (M36 x 70mm 24TPI) Italian to Shimano bottom brackets will be available shortly

23/10/2020 T47 (47mm x 68mm) 68mm to Shimano bottom brackets will be coming soon.

10/07/2020 Merch is here!!! This range is being expanded continually. Click here

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Hambini BSA Threaded Bottom Bracket – Now Available

A lot of people have shown interest in the BSA bottom bracket that was featured in the video below.

A product and information page is available here. This bottom bracket has been released

Recent Posts

Hambini Bottom Bracket Review by China Cycling

Joe from China Cycling reviewed a Hambini Bottom bracket against a Token Cycling bottom bracket


Hambini Bottom Brackets get roasted: Bottom Bracket Review and Quality Control

This video uploaded by some youtuber Peak Torque shows a Hambini BB having it’s engineering tolerances judged. Some key points It’s a BB86 Shimano Racing Edition Bottom Bracket The bottom bracket tolerances are accurate to 0.005mm, that is less than the diameter of a human sperm cell. The eccentricity was found to be 0.010mm (0.0005inch), […]


Michelle Arthurs Brennan – Covid Idiot Cycling Journalist

Michelle Arthurs Brennan is allegedly the technical writer for the UK cycling magazine, Cycling Weekly. The use of the term “allegedly” because the general opinion of the internet is, she has the technical knowledge of a burger flipper. She regularly updates her twitter followers with pointless tweets that are typical of those millennials addicted to […]


Warning: Fake Loctite Products

One of my viewers contacted me about an issue he was having with the installation of a set of NTN bearings. He purchased what he believed to be Loctite 641 from an online supplier, this was promptly delivered with a label indicating it to be “high strength”. This is incorrect as high strength Loctite is […]


Hambini Roasts: Cervelo

If you are about to buy a Cervelo bike, watch this video. It shows the appalling tolerances the bike frames are made to. The bottom bracket pressfit specification is so bad, neither NTN or SKF will warranty their bearings in it. This particular frame had misalignment between the two halves of the frame body.