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A selection of popular products from the Hambini Webshop. You will find a selection of bearings, tools and bottom brackets. If there is something you cannot find or have a query with. Please use the contact page.

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The Hambini Blog is focused on engineering. There are dedicated sections in the areas of tribology and aerodynamics. A number of articles focus on the practical problems in engineering and specifically bicycles. These articles are a great source of information and popular amongst bicycle shops.

  • Trifox Bike Frame Chop UP – it’s on sale.
    In the interests of engineering and working out whether the mainstream brands were using the same factories as the OE brands. A few bike frames were chopped up and analyzed. Unsurprisingly the OE brand wasn’t that much different tot the premium brand.
  • Engineering Analysis: Grease or Retaining Compound
    This article is a technical discussion of the pros and cons of using grease or retaining compound for installation of bearings and bottom brackets. A general trend in recent times has been a move towards slacker fits. This improves performance and service life.
  • BB30A83 Custom Bottom Bracket Designed and Manufactured – Cannondale Topstone
    A Hambini viewer recently enquired about a bottom bracket for his Cannondale TopStone Gravel bike. This bike uses a BB30A83 bottom bracket. A design which is highly unusual, extremely rare and unique to Cannondale. From the frame centerline, the driveside and non drive side apertures have an asymmetrical offset – hence the “A” in BB30A83. […]
  • Cannondale Systemsix Custom Bottom Bracket PF30A Shimano
    PF30A Cannondale Bottom Bracket designed and built by an individual who had a slightly oval bottom bracket aperture. This design also necks the center section to allow for more clearance for cables.
  • Specialized Tarmac S-Works SL7 Fork Recall
    Documents leaked by Durianrider indicate that Specialized is about to launch an extensive product recall on their S-Works Tarmac SL7 series of bikes owing to a potential failure of the steerer fork.
  • High End Bike Shop trashes a Parlee Z5 frame by using Epoxy to fix a creaky bottom bracket
    A high end bike shop in London decided it would be a good idea to fix a customer’s Parlee Z5 bike frame by using Epoxy to glue some Campagnolo bottom bracket cups in to the bike frame. What followed was a customer who was repeatedly going through bottom bracket cups – often in the space […]